About us

Divas, Divas, Divas… 

We are an international team of divas, collaborators and entrepreneurs all coming together to offer a unique travel experience. Divas from around the world… sharing their inspirational journeys and expert advice.

We have teamed up with the owners, founders, creators and directors of these amazing brands all women! Proving that women do indeed “run the world”

Why join Divas in Paradise? 


Build a social and professional network!

We bring together women of colour from all over the world.  So you can connect with like-minded women and expand your social and professional network. They say people do business with people they like, trust or know! And we tend to trust, like and know people who have the same outlook and ideas. You often hear that such and such company was started by two classmates, ex-colleagues or a friend of a friend. Who knows who you might meet? Women that participate in Divas in Paradise are doing some incredible things, they are career focused, interested in learning and uplifting one another.

A space to talk about how you feel

When do we ever express how we feel without qualms? Our sisterhood workshops are designed to provide a safe space -away from all the drama at home- to have some real talk. We will have a team of experts to help us to navigate through some of these topics and also some inspirational divas who will share their journeys to success. It’s all about sharing and learning!

A vacation!

We all need some time out! And what better place than on a beach in the Caribbean? A ladies vacay in paradise!

Jade Whyne

Jade Whyne

Founder & Managing Director

I love to travel,  meet new people and learn about different cultures.  Throughout my travels  it’s surprising how many times I’ve had the same conversations with women who are experiencing similar life problems; high rents, black love and black beauty.

I decided to combine travel with discussions and sisterhood. Divas in Paradise, is not only a travel experience created for women of colour, but it is a space and time away to reflect and talk about the issues that affect us women of colour most,  become inspired all while soaking up the sun and explore a tropical paradise. So join us if you need some inspiration in Paradise!

The Divas behind these brands and businesses …

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