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An innovative London-based company with a fresh approach to events. We create modern and socially reactive ways to interact and entertain. With a passionate team on the pulse of emerging trends, we introduce our unique signature approach to our events. Events include, The FriendZone, AfroBeach, So So Soca, Rooftop Social and a few more in development.


Why we are joining the Divas in Paradise Travel Experience.

We feel there is no more undervalued person in society than the black woman, our features are plucked out and included in European beauty ideals whilst we ourselves are barred from the exclusive club of western desirability unless highly fetisized. We are judged harsher on our hair skin colour, features and everything in between and it can be exhausting. On top of this there are often further divisions and disconnects with our men and our sisters or another hue. An experience where we can address all of this and come together in paradise is exactly the kind of cathartic experience that Magnum Opus Events endorses and will be join.

Join us in Jamaica, we will be leading a workshop on entrepreneurship and sharing our experiences of running an events business.

Asia and Charli

Founders and CEOs, Magnum Opus Events

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