Join Divas in Paradise and Curlture UK for a week-long vacation in Jamaica 

We will taking in some inspirational sisterhood workshops & discussions, while also discovering some of the world’s most beautiful rivers, beaches & waterfalls, indulging in delicious Jamaican cuisine and gaining an insight to local life in one of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations.

 Real island vibes Diva Style!

Get your diva swimsuit, plane ticket and come join us in Paradise. Expect good vibes and tan lines with Divas in Paradise and Culture UK.  Our 7 nights and 8 days in Jamaica will be solely dedicated to having fun, sharing, learning and exploring.

We have tours, excursions and plenty of tun up activities…

Three Sisterhood Workshops

Topics are lead by one of our Inspirational Divas. We also connect with local women who share their perspective and stories on a given topic. It’s all about sharing, discussing and gaining that all so important different perspective. 

1. Diva Strut

A confidence building workshop lead by Curlture UK

2. Dream Catching

Making your dreams a reality lead by Divas in Paradise

3. Local Inspiration

Listening to the stories and experiences of local women.